0.3mm (29 AWG) SS316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire


The 29 AWG SS316L marine grade stainless steel wire, with its refined 0.3mm diameter, delivers a dependable and corrosion-resistant material suitable for various applications across diverse industries. Valued in marine settings for crafting durable boat components and fishing gear, it also finds utility in industrial contexts, such as creating resilient meshes for chemical filters and ensuring reliability in electronic circuitry. With notable strength and anti-corrosive properties, it is a favored choice in crafting and jewelry-making for its balance of delicacy and durability. Moreover, its application stretches to construction and household DIY projects, offering a sturdy and reliable material that withstands adverse conditions while maintaining its structural and aesthetic integrity. The 29 AWG wire stands out as a universally applicable material, bringing together robustness and environmental resistance, seamlessly fitting into both specialised industrial and everyday domestic uses.

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29 AWG Stainless Steel Wire

The Crazy Wire Company are long established as Europe’s preferred suppliers of top quality stainless steel 29 AWG SS316L wire. We have enormous stock levels at all times, as we use this wire to weave our marine grade woven mesh products.

This 29 AWG SS316L marine grade stainless steel wire offers a versatile and durable solution for a variety of applications. It features a precise 0.3mm diameter and remarkable corrosion resistance, especially in saline environments. Marine-grade wire contributes significantly to the assembly of boat components, the development of fishing gear, and the establishment of robust marina infrastructure in maritime settings. In addition to its applications in nautical environments, it is also useful in a variety of industrial settings. The 29 AWG wire is utilized in the electronic sector because it exhibits anticorrosive and conductive properties, providing reliable performance. Chemical processing filters are made with durable meshes leveraging its resistance to corrosive elements and strength at high temperatures. It ensures consistency even in challenging conditions.

Additionally, 29 AWG wire offers both mechanical durability and fine finesse when creating detailed and lasting designs in the crafting and jewelry industries. Additionally, it is essential for creating wire ropes and fittings in construction, maintaining integrity under adverse weather conditions. Wires are widely used in home repair and DIY projects because of their robustness and reliability. This make them ideal for crafting, mending, and developing household items. A meticulously crafted stainless steel wire embodies a breadth of usability from marine to domestic applications, combining mechanical strength with environmental wear resistance.

Specification of Wire:

  • Diameter – 0.3mm (300 Micron – 29 AWG)
  • Ohms/ft – 10.61

We also offer this grade as ribbon wire and flat wire too if required.

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What Else Is Available?

Not only do we offer 304 grade stainless steel wire, but we also stock huge levels of SS316, SS430 (magnetic) and SS317L.

We also offer stainless steel in ribbon and flat wire options.

The choice is virtually endless!


FAQs About This Wire

How To Solve Issues Of SS316L 29 AWG Wire Tangling Or Knotting During Use?

Solving issues of SS316L 29 AWG wire tangling or knotting during use involves a combination of appropriate handling, storage, and usage practices. Begin by ensuring that the wire is properly spooled, as this can mitigate tangles during unwinding. When you pull the wire from the spool, ensure it’s done in a straight and steady manner, avoiding any loops or slack that might cause knotting. Using a wire straightener tool can help to maintain the wire’s straightness and prevent unwanted bends or curls.

When not in use, secure the end of the wire back onto the spool to prevent free ends from causing knots. While working with the wire, consider using a coiling tool or a spool holder to manage the unwound length, ensuring it is fed in a controlled manner, and avoiding excess wire from becoming knotted. If the wire does become tangled, gently work through the knot by gradually easing the wire through the tangled area. You can use a pin or needle for tight knots, ensuring you avoid creating kinks in the wire.

When cutting lengths of the wire for use, straighten and measure it accurately, minimising the potential for loose, tangled remnants. For longer projects, utilizing a wire dispenser or a homemade setup that allows the wire to unroll smoothly without twisting can markedly prevent tangling issues. Always ensure to work in an organised space, keeping the wire away from other tools or materials that could potentially cause tangling. Lastly, following a disciplined method of handling and respecting the inherent coiling nature of the wire can drastically reduce tangling issues, ensuring smooth usage of the SS316L 29 AWG wire across various applications.

Is Stainless Steel 316L 29 AWG Wire Resistant To Abrasion Or Wear?

The 316L stainless steel grade of 29 AWG wire exhibits significant resistance to abrasion and wear because of its inherent properties. Due to its low carbon content and molybdenum addition, 316L stainless steel resists pitting and corrosion from chloride environments, thereby improving wear resistance. This fine 29 AWG (0.3mm) wire offers commendable strength and resistance to friction and wear, particularly in comparison to other materials of similar dimensions. The wear resistance of wire is particularly beneficial in applications where it may be subjected to friction, movement, or contact with other materials.

Even though it is highly resistant to wear and abrasion, it can wear out over time under highly abrasive conditions or under prolonged and intense friction. For optimal longevity in abrasive conditions, additional protective measures should be considered, such as coatings or employing them in conjunction with materials that can mitigate direct contact with abrasives. Since stainless steel 316L 29 AWG wire has excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, it finds a wide range of applications across a wide range of industries, offering durability and sustained performance wherever mild to moderate abrasion resistance is needed.

What Safety Gear Is Recommended When Working With SS316L 29 AWG Wire?

Working with SS316L 29 AWG wire, especially given its slender diameter and the potential for sharp cut ends, necessitates the use of appropriate safety gear to prevent injuries and ensure a secure working environment. Below are recommended pieces of safety gear and precautions:

  1. Safety Glasses: Protecting the eyes is crucial to prevent any accidental flicks or snaps of the wire from causing eye injuries.
  2. Gloves: Wear gloves with a suitable level of dexterity and cut resistance to protect the hands from potential cuts or abrasions while handling the wire.
  3. Closed-Toe Shoes: To safeguard against any dropped wire pieces or tools, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes.
  4. Long-Sleeved Clothing: To protect the skin from potential scratches or pokes from the wire, consider wearing long-sleeved clothing that’s snug to avoid snagging.
  5. Workshop Apron: An apron can protect your clothing and body from wire scraps and provide a convenient place to hold essential tools.
  6. Ear Protection: If you’re cutting the wire with power tools or engaging in processes that might generate noise, ear protection may be advisable.
  7. Face Shield: In instances where you might be grinding or cutting the wire with power tools, a face shield can offer additional protection against flying particles.
  8. Safe Wire Disposal: Keep a designated container for wire offcuts and scraps to prevent injury from discarded pieces.
  9. Anti-Slip Mats: If you’re working with larger quantities of wire, utilizing anti-slip mats on the floor can prevent slips and trips.
  10. First Aid Kit: Always have a first aid kit readily available in the workspace to attend to any minor injuries promptly.
  11. Proper Ventilation: Ensure the workspace is adequately ventilated, especially if you’re employing any processes that may release fumes, such as soldering.



The Crazy Wire Company is a leading UK based supplier of nichrome, FeCrAl, and stainless steel wires. We specialise in rapid delivery to any location around the country. Our factory is located in Warrington, which is the historic home of the UK’s wire industry.

Check out our blog ‘What You Need To Know About: Stainless Steel Wires’   for more information on resistance wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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