Providing High-Quality Wire Products

The Mesh Company may be a new venture, but it is based on established businesses which can show a history back into the 19th Century. We have brought many, many years of experience in the manufacture, application and use of wire to the modern online world of e-commerce.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience showed us that it is very difficult for individuals and even small groups to purchase wire and wire mesh products in economic quantities as existing businesses are focused on large scale commercial customers.

The Mesh Company was formed with the express intent to open up a channel through which small volume customers can gain access to these wonderfully diverse and interesting products.

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Our Company Aims

Quality Assurance

We aim to bring good quality wire and wire products to end consumers.

Global Sourcing

We source our supplies from major manufacturers and traders based in the UK and Europe

Convenient Formats

We break down larger purchase order quantities into smaller quantities and into formats which are attractive to consumers and end-users

Expanding Accessibility

We aim to develop a new market for our products; making it a whole lot easier for end-users and small businesses to acquire wire and wire products.