0.5mm (24 AWG) SS316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire


The 0.5mm SS316L marine grade stainless steel wire, renowned for its impressive corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments, proves to be a versatile material across diverse applications. With a subtle 0.5mm diameter, this 24 AWG wire balances malleability with sturdy performance, making it ideal for uses in secure binding in marine rigging, crafting intricate jewelry, and developing mesh for industrial filtration. Additionally, its admirable electrical conductivity and stability find utility in various low-current electrical applications and component crafting, providing a durable solution for numerous industries from nautical to electrical and artistic endeavors, ensuring reliability and longevity in each use.

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0.5mm Stainless Steel Wire

The Crazy Wire Company are long established as Europe’s preferred suppliers of top quality stainless steel 0.5mm SS316L wire. We have enormous stock levels at all times, as we use this wire to weave our marine grade woven mesh products.

In marine and coastal applications, 0.5mm SS316L stainless steel wire is an invaluable asset due to its corrosion resistance in saline environments. The 0.5mm diameter of this 24 AWG wire makes it not only durable, but malleable and electrically conductive as well. As part of marine rigging, its rust-resistant properties ensure structural integrity over time, even in challenging environments. As a result of the wire’s thin profile of 0.5mm, it can also be used in precision instruments and components. Including its improved corrosion resistance, the SS316L variant is frequently used in chemical processing and storage equipment.

Additionally, wire is an excellent material for crafting intricate jewelry designs, as it is durable and tarnish-resistant. In many industrial settings, it provides a reliable barrier to block contaminants and maintain a consistent flow of fluid. Furthermore, its satisfactory conductivity and stability across fluctuating temperature make it useful in electrical applications, particularly in low-current ones. Its versatility and reliability makes 0.5mm SS316L wire ideal for applications ranging from fine detailed work to robust, corrosive-resistance applications.

Specification of Wire:

  • Diameter – 0.5mm (500 Micron – 24 AWG)
  • Ohms/ft – 3.82

We also offer this grade as ribbon wire and flat wire too if required.

Why Use The Crazy Wire Company

  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
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  4. Availability: Our products are kept in house and are ready to ship immediately. 
  5. Customer service: Our experienced staff help our customers feel confident in their purchases and provide assistance when required. 

What Else Is Available?

Not only do we offer 304 grade stainless steel wire, but we also stock huge levels of SS316, SS430 (magnetic) and SS317L.

We also offer stainless steel in ribbon and flat wire options.

The choice is virtually endless!


FAQs About This Wire

How To Cut And Shape 0.5mm Stainless Steel Wire?

Cutting and shaping 0.5mm stainless steel wire, particularly of the SS316L variant, can be managed with some straightforward steps and basic tools due to its malleability and fine diameter.


1. Measure and Mark:

  • Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length of the wire you need.
  • Mark the wire at the desired length using a permanent marker.

2. Use Appropriate Tools:

  • Utilize wire cutters or shears suitable for stainless steel. For a 0.5mm wire, standard wire cutters should suffice.
  • Position the cutter at the marked spot and apply pressure to cut through the wire cleanly.

3. Smoothen the Ends:

  • Use a fine-grit file or sandpaper to smoothen any sharp or rough edges left after cutting.


1. Use Nylon Jaw Pliers:

  • For shaping and bending the wire without marking or damaging it, employ nylon jaw pliers.
  • Manipulate the wire gently into the desired shape using the pliers.

2. Implement Mandrels:

  • To create uniform shapes (like coils, loops, or circles), use a mandrel or any round object with the desired diameter.
  • Wind the wire around the mandrel, applying even pressure for consistent shapes.

3. Create Angles:

  • For precise angles or bends, use flat-nose pliers.
  • Place the wire between the jaws at the point where the bend is desired and fold it to the required angle.

4. Work-Hardening (Optional):

  • If you need the shaped wire to retain its form, you might want to work-harden it.
  • This can be done by lightly hammering the wire with a nylon or rawhide mallet which will stiffen it without altering the shape or surface.
  • If coils or springs are created, consider pulling them slightly apart and releasing, repeating a few times to introduce internal stress and enhance form retention.

5. Use a Jig (For Complex Shapes):

  • For more complex or repetitive shapes, consider using a wire jig. Pin the desired shape onto the jig and wrap the wire around the pins to achieve the design.

Ensure to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from any possible wire bits that might be produced during cutting. Also, maintaining a firm grip and stable working environment ensures precise cuts and shapes in your 0.5mm stainless steel wire projects.

Is 0.5mm Wire Suitable For Crafting Beading And Decorative Elements?

Absolutely, 0.5mm wire is suitable for beading and other decorative elements as well. Because of its delicate 0.5mm diameter, SS316L stainless steel wire is a popular choice for artisans who create intricate and fine jewelry designs. As a result of its malleability, the crafted pieces are easily bent and shaped into desired forms, while their robust and corrosion-resistant nature ensures their durability.

A 0.5mm wire, whether used for making uniform loops, connectors, or intricate wire-woven jewelry, provides enough structural integrity for detailed projects. As well, its resistance to tarnishing makes it an excellent material for crafting decorative elements that retain their shine and finish for a long time. Wire can also be manipulated to create coils, spirals, and wraps, which can be used in a variety of craft projects, including embellishing garments, decorating home décor items, and forming jewelry structures. The 0.5mm stainless steel wire not only meets functional requirements but also provides a creative medium for detailed and intricate beadwork and decorative crafts.

Can I Use 0.5mm SS316L Wire For Filtration Mesh Creation?

Yes, the 0.5mm SS316L wire is quite suitable for the creation of filtration mesh due to its salient properties. The SS316L variant of stainless steel is known for its remarkable resistance to corrosion and chemical damage, making it an excellent choice for filtration applications, especially in environments where the mesh may be exposed to corrosive elements or chemicals. The 0.5mm diameter provides a fine gauge that can be woven to produce a mesh with tight tolerances, capable of filtering smaller particles, while maintaining a balance of flexibility and strength.

Moreover, its durability and ability to withstand varying temperatures ensure that the mesh retains its structural integrity and does not warp or degrade over time, or under thermal stress. Whether you’re considering applications in industrial filtration, food and beverage processing, or chemical filtering, the 0.5mm SS316L wire can be woven into a mesh that meets specific filtration requirements, offering both precision and longevity in performance. Its resilient nature and compatibility with various applications enhance its suitability in crafting meshes that deliver reliable and consistent filtration across multiple domains.



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Check out our blog ‘What You Need To Know About: Stainless Steel Wires’   for more information on resistance wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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