Line Wire | 1mm Thick Galvanised Tension Wire 500g Coil (80m)


The Crazy Wire Company’s 1mm galvanised line wire is ideal for reinforcing chicken fences. Available in a 500g coil, it’s specially designed to prevent sagging and withstand the weight of birds, ensuring your fence stays taut and durable. With a zinc coating for rust protection, this line wire is compatible with green coated chicken wire and other wire mesh, enhancing fence longevity.

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1mm Thick Galvanised Line Wire

The Crazy Wire Company offers a high-quality 1mm galvanised line wire, expertly designed for optimal chicken fence strength. This line wire, provided in a convenient 500g coil, plays an essential role in maintaining the integrity of chicken enclosures. It is particularly effective in preventing sagging and breakage under the strain of poultry weight, thereby ensuring the fence remains taut and secure.

When choosing the appropriate line wire, factors like the size of your chicken pen and the breed of chickens you have are important to consider. This ensures that the wire is capable of withstanding the necessary weight and tension. The addition of zinc in the wire’s coating is a crucial feature, as it protects the wire from rust and corrosion, significantly extending the lifespan of your fence.

Key product details:

  • Wire Type –  Galvanised Steel
  • Wire Thickness – 1mm 
  • Coil Weight – 500g (0.5kg) 
  • Wire Length – 80 Metres 

Why Use The Crazy Wire Company

  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
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What Else Is Available?

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FAQs About This Wire

What Is The Best Way To Install The 1mm Galvanised Line Wire?

Ensure that your fence posts are securely placed and evenly spaced before installing the 1mm Galvanised Line Wire. Use a wire tensioner or similar fastening method to attach one end of the wire to a corner post. Uncoil the wire carefully along the line of posts, maintaining slight tension to avoid tangling. Wrap the wire securely around each post, maintaining even tension throughout. Using a wire strainer or similar tool, tighten the wire until it is taut but not overly stretched, ensuring the fence remains firm. Wear gloves and safety glasses during installation to protect your hands and eyes.

How Long Does The 1mm Galvanised Line Wire Last?

1mm Galvanised Line Wire can last up to 10-15 years depending on environmental factors and usage. Galvanisation, which coats steel wire with zinc, provides significant corrosion and rust protection. Especially in outdoor conditions, this increases the wire’s durability. However, harsh weather conditions, coastal environments with salt spray, and physical stress from heavy use can shorten its lifespan. Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify any signs of wear or damage early, thereby extending its useful service life.

Can The 1mm Galvanised Line Wire Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, 1mm Galvanised Line Wire can withstand extreme weather conditions to a significant extent. Steel wire is coated with zinc during the galvanisation process, which provides a robust defense against environmental factors. Wires in wet, humid, or salty environments benefit from this coating because it shields them from moisture and prevents rust and corrosion.

Wire retains its structural integrity in extreme temperatures, resisting brittleness in cold weather and becoming overly pliable in heat. However, in exceptionally harsh conditions, like constant exposure to saltwater in coastal areas or extreme fluctuations in temperature, the wire may experience a reduced lifespan. Regular maintenance and checks can help in identifying any weather-related wear, ensuring the wire continues to perform effectively in diverse weather conditions.



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