0.7mm (21 AWG) SS316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire


The 21 AWG ss316L marine grade stainless steel wire combines robustness and versatile usability, ensuring a durable and resistant material suited for a myriad of applications. With a 0.7mm diameter and renowned for its corrosion resistance, particularly in challenging marine environments, this wire is a staple in various sectors. From crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing jewelry to manufacturing sturdy springs, wire meshes, and fasteners in industries, it offers reliability and longevity. Notably used in marine component production, robotics, model-making, and a plethora of DIY projects, the 21 AWG ss316L wire substantiates itself as a practical choice, catering to diverse creative and industrial needs with assured durability and minimal maintenance.

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21 AWG Stainless Steel Wire

The Crazy Wire Company are long established as Europe’s preferred suppliers of top quality stainless steel 21 AWG SS316L wire. We have enormous stock levels at all times, as we use this wire to weave our marine grade woven mesh products.

The 21 AWG ss316L marine grade stainless steel wire, with its 0.7mm diameter, embodies a symbiosis of resilience and multifunctionality, establishing itself as a valuable component across an array of applications. The corrosion resistance of this wire, particularly in marine and aggressive environments, ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. This makes it an economical solution for long-term applications. For jewelry makers, the 21 AWG wire is prized for its strength and antitarnishing properties, as well as its flexibility for nuanced designs.

In various industries, it is used for manufacturing springs, wire meshes, and a variety of fasteners, demonstrating its adaptability and relevance. Stainless steel 316L wire is ideal for marine applications thanks to its durability and consistent performance, ensuring both aesthetic and structural integrity. In robotics and model-making, wire also provides unwavering structural frameworks that ensure precision and enduring stability in miniature and large-scale models as well as stable connections. Additionally, the 21 AWG stainless steel wire provides a reliable, solderable, and manipulable solution for a variety of home repairs and DIY projects.

Specification of Wire:

  • Diameter – 0.7mm (710 Micron – 21 AWG)
  • ohms/m – 1.95

We also offer this grade as ribbon wire and flat wire too if required.

Why Use The Crazy Wire Company

  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
  2. Selection: We offer a wide variety of wire products and sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have more than 600 products available through our site and counting. 
  3. Price: We always offer the best value possible. Our wires are available as part of our major weaving processes, so it is bought at the best possible rate. 
  4. Availability: Our products are kept in house and are ready to ship immediately. 
  5. Customer service: Our experienced staff help our customers feel confident in their purchases and provide assistance when required. 

What Else Is Available?

Not only do we offer 304 grade stainless steel wire, but we also stock huge levels of SS316, SS430 (magnetic) and SS317L.

We also offer stainless steel in ribbon and flat wire options.

The choice is virtually endless!


FAQs About This Wire

Can Stainless Steel 316L 21 AWG Wire Be Shaped Without Heating?

It is possible to shape Stainless Steel 316L 21 AWG wire without heating, due to its inherent ductility and malleability. With this wire, you can bend, coil, and manipulate it into various shapes and forms at room temperature without heating it first. Although SS316L wire has the ability to withstand a certain degree of manipulation without becoming brittle or breaking, overworking or creating extremely tight bends can result in work hardening. This is where the wire becomes rigid and more prone to cracking as a result. The annealing process (heating followed by controlled cooling) is great to use to restore some ductility in such cases. By doing so, further work can be carried out on the material without compromising its structural integrity. Consult material and mechanical specifications to ensure the 21 AWG SS316L wire meets the specific project requirements, especially when intricate designs or a high degree of formability are required.

Is 21 AWG SS316L Wire Safe For Use In Food Industry Applications?

Yes, 21 AWG SS316L wire is generally considered safe for use in food industry applications. Stainless Steel 316L (SS316L) is recognised for its excellent corrosion resistance and is often utilized in food and beverage processing environments because it does not readily corrode, rust, or stain when exposed to food products, various substances, or even water, like many other steels can. Furthermore, SS316L does not impact the flavor of food and is resistant to acids and bases commonly found in various food items. It’s also easy to clean and sterilise, which is crucial in preventing food contamination. Nonetheless, it’s always crucial to ensure that the specific use adheres to local regulations and standards regarding materials used in food processing and handling environments. Always refer to the pertinent standards or consult a materials engineer to ensure compliance with all relevant safety and health codes for your specific application or region.

How Can I Prevent Kinks And Damage To SS316L 21 AWG Wire?


  1. Gentle Bending: Always ensure to bend the wire gently and gradually to prevent acute angles that can lead to kinks.
  2. Use Appropriate Tools: Employ tools like nylon jaw pliers that can manipulate the wire without marring its surface.
  3. Even Pressure: Apply pressure evenly when bending or shaping the wire to prevent unwanted distortions.


  1. Coil Storage: Store the wire coiled in the original packaging or on a spool to prevent unintentional bending or kinking.
  2. Avoid Overcrowding: Ensure that the storage space is not overcrowded to prevent the wire from becoming entangled or crushed with other items.
  3. Environmental Control: Store in a dry, cool place to safeguard the wire from environmental damages, like corrosion.

Work Environment

  1. Clean Workspace: Maintain a tidy workspace to prevent the wire from catching, twisting, or damaging.
  2. Proper Support: When working with longer lengths, ensure the wire is adequately supported to avoid sagging and potential kinking.
  3. Adequate Space: Ensure you have enough space to manipulate and work with the wire without constriction.


  1. Secure Packaging: When transporting the wire, ensure it is securely packaged and immobilised to prevent movement that could cause kinking or warping.
  2. Avoid Heavy Loads: Don’t place heavy items on top of the wire during transport to avoid deformation.


  1. Gradual Uncoiling: Uncoil only the needed amount of wire for use, and ensure it is done gradually to prevent sudden tangles or kinks.
  2. Avoid Force: Never force the wire to straighten or bend; instead, gently guide it into the desired shape.
  3. Periodic Inspection: Regularly inspect the wire for early signs of wear, kinks, or damage.



The Crazy Wire Company is a leading UK based supplier of nichrome, FeCrAl, and stainless steel wires. We specialise in rapid delivery to any location around the country. Our factory is located in Warrington, which is the historic home of the UK’s wire industry.

Check out our blog ‘What You Need To Know About: Stainless Steel Wires’   for more information on resistance wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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Contact our team today if you have any questions at all. We are always really keen to help in any way that we can. 

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