0.3mm (29 AWG) Nichrome 90 Wire


The 0.3mm (29 AWG) nichrome 90 wire is a durable and efficient choice known for its high heat resistance and stability. Made from 90% nickel and 10% chromium, it offers consistent performance and longevity. Ideal for applications like electric heaters, kilns, and electronic resistors, its precise thickness is also suited for detailed work. With its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, the nichrome 90 wire excels in both industrial and research settings, making it a versatile and reliable option for various needs.

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Nichrome 90 Wire

The Crazy Wire Company is best know as suppliers of top-quality nichrome 90 wire. We have enormous stock levels at all times, as we use this wire to weave our specialist-grade woven mesh products. Our brilliant staff are experts in producing our spools of round wire on our 6 rapid action winding machines. All spools are produced to carry a little extra length to make up for any waste when handling the product.

The 0.3mm (29 AWG) nichrome 90 wire is a versatile and high-quality wire, often used in various industrial and everyday applications. This nickel-chromium alloy is known for its excellent resistance to oxidation and stability at high temperatures. Because of this unique alloy composition, the wire has a long lifespan and performs consistently. As a result of its impressive heat resistance, it is a popular option for applications that require rapid and efficient heat production. Kilns, heaters, and potteries are all part of this category.

Nichrome 90 wire is also resistant to corrosive environments, making it ideal for industries that require durability. The precise thickness of 0.3mm makes it perfect for intricate works requiring precise measurements. The predictable resistance values of this material are also widely used in electronics, especially in resistor components. While still maintaining its structural integrity, the wire is malleable yet strong. In laboratory experiments, especially those involving controlled heating, nichrome 90 wire is an essential component.

Key product details:

  • Diameter – 0.3mm (300 Micron – 29 AWG) 
  • Ohms/m – 10.08
  • Technical Specification:
  • Ni – Rest
  • Cr – 10.0 
  • Fe – <1.0
  • Magnetic Properties – Nonmagnetic
  • Electrical resistance is high
  • Corrosion resistance is high

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What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer Ni90 round wire. We also have a huge range of KA1 and stainless steel round wire in immediate stock too.

Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

What Are The Primary Uses Of Nichrome 90 Wire?

The primary uses of nichrome 90 wire are diverse due to its unique properties.

  1. Heating Elements: Nichrome 90 wire’s high resistance to electricity makes it an excellent material for heating elements. It’s commonly found in electric heaters, ovens, and toasters.
  2. Kilns and Furnaces: Given its stability at high temperatures, it’s frequently used in kilns and furnaces for ceramic and metalwork.
  3. Electronics: Nichrome 90 wire is used in electronic components, particularly in resistor elements, because of its predictable resistance values.
  4. Laboratory Experiments: Its consistent performance under heat makes it a top choice for various laboratory experiments, especially those requiring controlled heating.
  5. Craft and Artistry: The wire’s malleability allows artists and crafters to shape it for intricate designs, such as wire-bead art or sculpture.
  6. Thermal Applications: Due to its excellent heat conduction properties, it’s employed in applications that require controlled thermal expansion.

How Resistant Is Nichrome 90 Wire To Corrosion?

A notable characteristic of Nichrome 90 wire is its corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for applications exposed to challenging environments. Due to its unique alloy composition, primarily consisting of 90% nickel and 10% chromium, it is corrosion-resistant. The chromium content of the wire plays an essential role in forming a protective oxide layer on the surface when it is exposed to oxygen. Using this layer as a shield, the metal is prevented from further oxidation and corrosion. When exposed to atmospheric conditions, nichrome 90 remains largely unaffected by humidity and air, which often cause metals to deteriorate. The material’s non-reactive nature makes it resistant to many common chemicals, ensuring longevity even in chemically aggressive environments. The robust corrosion resistance of nichrome 90 wire makes it the ideal choice for industrial and residential applications where durability and reliability are essential.

How Does The Wire Perform Under Continuous Heating?

The Nichrome 90 wire is specifically designed to perform under continuous heating conditions. The alloy’s unique composition, primarily 90% nickel and 10% chromium, enables it to exhibit high electrical resistance and stability at elevated temperatures. In the case of sustained heating, the wire’s resistance properties ensure that it heats evenly without rapidly breaking down. In addition to preventing oxidation quickly, the chromium component prevents the wire from corroding and maintains its integrity even after prolonged exposure to heat. As a result of its high melting point, it retains its structural integrity without becoming brittle. Devices and systems using nichrome 90 wire for heating can expect consistent performance, extended operational lifespans, and reduced maintenance. As a result of its durability under continuous heating, it has become a preferred choice for various heating elements in both industrial and domestic settings.

Can I Cut Nichrome 90 Wire Easily At Home?

Yes, you can cut nichrome 90 wire easily at home using standard wire-cutting tools. For the specified 0.3mm (29 AWG) thickness, a pair of standard wire cutters or even a robust pair of scissors should suffice. However, for the best results:

  1. Use Dedicated Wire Cutters: While scissors might work for very thin wires, wire cutters are specifically designed to handle wires, ensuring a clean and precise cut without damaging the wire or the tool.
  2. Ensure Safety: Before cutting, always ensure that the wire is not connected to any power source. It’s also advisable to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from any potential flying wire fragments.
  3. Measure Twice, Cut Once: If you’re working on a project that requires specific wire lengths, always measure the wire carefully before cutting to ensure accuracy.
  4. Tight Grip: Ensure that you grip the wire firmly and close to the cutting point to get a clean, precise cut.

By following these guidelines, you can easily cut nichrome 90 wire at home for your specific requirements.


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