Pre-Made KA1 Hero Alliance Coils (28 AWG x 32 AWG x 26 AWG + 0.2mm x 0.8mm) 0.36 Ω – 10 Pack


The Hero Alliance Coils pack includes 10 ready-to-use FeCrAl A1 coils, featuring a complex tri-gauge design and a 0.36 ohm resistance for precise heat management. They offer lasting performance and are perfect for consistent heating in a variety of applications.

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Pre-Made KA1 Hero Alliance Coils

Hero Alliance Coils offer a pack of 10 pre-made coils constructed with FeCrAl A1 wire, renowned for its thermal stability and resistance to wear. These coils utilise a tri-gauge wire combination (28 AWG x 32 AWG x 26 AWG) and a flattened wrap of 0.2mm x 0.8mm, providing a 0.36 ohm resistance and ensuring consistent heat distribution. They are ideal for applications requiring precise heat control, as they not only provide durability, ease of use, and uniform performance, but also make them suitable for both professional and hobbyist projects.

About The Product

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Metal – FeCrAl A1 ( KA1)
  • Pack Size – 10 Coils
  • Resistance – 0.36 Ω
  • Coil Build – Hero Alliance Coils (28 AWG x 32 AWG x 26 AWG + 0.2mm x 0.8mm)

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What Else Is Available?

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Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Product

How Do Hero Alliance Coils Ensure Even Heating?

Hero Alliance Coils ensure even heating through their precision-engineered design. In order for the battery to perform well, KA1 wire, which has a high melting point and consistent electrical resistance, must be used. In order to achieve uniform current flow and temperature distribution throughout the coil, specific gauge combinations are used and the coils are flattened to precise dimensions that promote even heat distribution. For applications requiring consistent and controlled heating, such as industrial HVAC, this meticulous design minimises the risk of hotspots, allowing for better temperature regulation across the coil’s surface. Moreover, Hero Alliance Coils are made of high-quality materials and manufactured under controlled conditions in order to provide even heating.

What Is The Thermal Resistance Of Hero Alliance Coils?

The term “thermal resistance” typically refers to a material’s ability to resist heat flow. In the context of electrical coils like the Hero Alliance Coils, however, the relevant specification is usually electrical resistance, measured in ohms (Ω), rather than thermal resistance. The Hero Alliance Coils have an electrical resistance of 0.36 ohms, which is a measure of how much they resist the electric current.

If you are asking about the coils’ ability to withstand heat (their maximum operating temperature), this is largely determined by the properties of KA1, the material from which they are made. FeCrAl can typically withstand temperatures up to 1400°C (2552°F). However, for specific operating temperature ranges, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for the coils to ensure they are used within their safe operating limits to maintain integrity and longevity.


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