0.8mm x 0.1mm FeCrAl Flat Ribbon Wire


The 0.8mm x 0.1mm FeCrAl flat ribbon wire is a versatile and durable material, ideal for a range of applications requiring high temperature resistance and efficient heat distribution. Its iron-chromium-aluminum composition offers excellent oxidation resistance and mechanical strength, making it suitable for industrial heating elements, precision electronics, and in aerospace and marine environments.

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FeCrAl Flat Ribbon Wire

The Crazy Wire Company are best known and long established as Europe’s preferred suppliers of top quality FeCrAl flat ribbon wire and we also have enormous stock levels at all times as we use this wire to weave our mesh products.

The FeCrAl flat ribbon wire, measuring 0.8mm x 0.1mm, offers a unique combination of durability and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. This wire is made from a high-quality iron-chromium-aluminum alloy that is resistant to oxidation and can withstand extreme temperatures. Wires with flat ribbon shapes have a larger surface area than those with round shapes, which improves heat management in applications requiring good heat distribution. Industrial heating elements, where consistent and reliable heat transfer is essential, will particularly benefit from it.

Also, the flat profile of this coil enables more compact coil designs in electrical heating systems, enabling them to take up less space without sacrificing performance. Additionally, FeCrAl flat ribbon wire exhibits excellent mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength and resistance to deformation under stress, making it suitable for structural applications in challenging environments.

Specification of this FeCrAl Flat Ribbon Wire:

  • Diameter – 0.8mm x 0.1mm
  • Ohms/ft – 17.78

We also offer more of this KA1 wire too if required.

Why Use The Crazy Wire Company

  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
  2. Selection: We offer a wide variety of wire products and sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have more than 600 products available through our site and counting. 
  3. Price: We always offer the best value possible. Our wires are available as part of our major weaving processes, so it is bought at the best possible rate. 
  4. Availability: Our products are kept in house and are ready to ship immediately. 
  5. Customer service: Our experienced staff help our customers feel confident in their purchases and provide assistance when required. 

What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer KA1 wire. We also have a huge range of Stainless Steel and nichrome round wire in immediate stock too.

Ribbon wire and round wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

How Does FeCrAl Flat Ribbon Wire Perform In Extreme Cold?

FeCrAl flat ribbon wire performs exceptionally well in extreme cold conditions due to its unique material properties. The iron-chromium-aluminum alloy used in its manufacture provides excellent low-temperature stability and resistance to brittleness, a common issue with many materials at very low temperatures. Unlike some metals that become more brittle and lose their mechanical strength in cold environments, FeCrAl maintains its structural integrity, ensuring its performance remains consistent.

The flat ribbon design of the wire also contributes to its performance in cold conditions. This shape allows for efficient electrical conduction and heat distribution, which is particularly beneficial if the wire is used in applications where it needs to quickly respond to temperature changes or provide consistent heating in cold environments.

Moreover, the low coefficient of thermal expansion of FeCrAl alloy means that the wire will not undergo significant expansion or contraction with temperature fluctuations. This stability is crucial in applications where precision and reliability are essential, especially in environments that experience extreme temperature variations.

How Efficient Is Heat Distribution In FeCrAl Flat Ribbon Wire?

FeCrAl flat ribbon wire has a highly efficient heat distribution, primarily due to its unique design and composition. Flat ribbon wires provide a greater surface area than round wires of the same mass. The wire’s surface area is thus increased, which facilitates more efficient and uniform heat transfer. It is especially useful in applications where even and consistent heating is crucial, for example, in industrial heating elements or domestic appliances like toasters.

Iron, chromium, and aluminum are the three elements that make up FeCrAl alloy. The material has excellent oxidation resistance and high electrical resistivity, which allows it to generate and sustain heat even at elevated temperatures. It is this resistivity that allows the wire to convert electrical energy into heat efficiently.

In addition, the FeCrAl alloy’s resistance to oxidation allows the wire to maintain its efficiency under high temperatures, which would normally accelerate degradation in less resistant metals. The wire’s longevity ensures that it continues to distribute heat effectively throughout its life.


The Crazy Wire Company is a leading UK based supplier of nichromefecral, and stainless steel wires. We specialise in rapid delivery to any location around the country. Our factory is located in Warrington, which is the historic home of the UK’s wire industry.

Check out our blog ‘Everything That You Need To Know About Wire  for more information on resistance wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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