0.23mm (31 AWG) Soft Ni200 Heating Wire (Tempered 99.6% Nickel)


The ni200 heating wire, with a precise 0.23mm (31 AWG) gauge and composed of tempered 99.6% nickel, is a versatile and reliable solution across diverse heating applications in industrial, commercial, and domestic contexts. Valued for its superior conductivity and high-temperature stability, this wire is widely employed in creating efficient heating elements for electric heaters, furnaces, and floor heating, while also being pivotal in scientific laboratories for its ability to ensure consistent temperature control. Boasting significant corrosion resistance, it assures durability and reduced maintenance in various settings, including automotive manufacturing and consumer electronics, safeguarding components and enhancing system longevity. The ni200 wire merges sustainability, resilient performance, and cost-efficiency, optimising heating solutions across multiple sectors.

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Ni200 Heating Wire

The Crazy Wire Company are well known as suppliers of top quality Ni200 heating wire. We have enormous stock levels at all times, as we use this wire to weave our high specification woven mesh products. Our brilliant staff are experts in producing our spools of round wire on our 6 rapid action winding machines. All spools are produced to carry a little extra length to make up for any waste when handling the product.

The ni200 heating wire, characterised by its 0.23mm (31 AWG) gauge and a composition of tempered 99.6% nickel, stands out in the broad field of electronic and electrical heating applications due to its optimal performance and reliability. The ni200 heating wire is known for its exceptional conductivity and stability. This makes it ideal for use in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It is used to ensure even, efficient, and controlled heat distribution in diverse applications, such as electric heaters, furnaces, and floor heating systems. Moreover, its inherent ability to withstand high temperatures makes it a valuable material for crafting custom heating elements.

In the scientific domain, it is embedded in laboratory equipment, which facilitates precise temperature control, ensuring consistent and accurate experiment results. The material’s resistance to corrosion and oxidative environments enhances its longevity, making it a sustainable choice for corrosive industrial applications. Its adaptability and ease of use also make it suitable for automotive manufacturing, where precise heat control is crucial. Besides being used in various consumer electronics products, this wire also aids in heat management to prevent overheating and extend the life of electronic components. Affordability is substantiated by ni200 heating wires’ long-term performance and extensive resistance to environmental wear and tear, ensuring reliable operation in a variety of applications.

Key product details:

  • Diameter – 0.23mm (230 Micron – 31 AWG) 
  • Ohms/m – 2.31
  • Technical Specification:
  • Ni+Co – Max 99.6% / Min 99.0%
    Fe – 0.4%
    C – 0.15%
    Mn – 0.35%
    Si – 0.35%
    Cu – 0.25%
    S – 0.01%
  • Density – 8.89 g/cm3
    Melting Point – 1435 – 1446 oC

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  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
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What Else Is Available?

Not only do we offer Ni200 wire, but we also stock huge levels of Ni60, Ni80 and Ni90.

We also offer stainless steel in ribbon and flat wire options.

The choice is virtually endless!


FAQs About This Wire

Can Ni200 Heating Wire Be Welded?

Ni200 heating wire can typically be welded, but ensuring the quality and durability of the weld requires specialised knowledge and expertise. As a result of Nickel’s melting point and reactivity with certain gases, it can be sensitive to welding processes. A nickel-specific shielding gas, filler, and welding technique must be used. Due to its ability to work with thinner materials and its control over the welding variables, TIG welding is commonly used for nickel alloys. When welding ni200 heating wire, however, considerations such as the gauge and the application for which it is being used must be carefully considered. For optimal results and safety, a professional with experience handling nickel should conduct the welding process. Utilize ni200 heating wire following the guidelines and data sheets, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and best practices.

How Does Ni200 Heating Wire Perform In Extreme Cold Temperatures?

Ni200 heating wire maintains notable stability and functionality even in extreme cold temperatures. This is one of the facets that underscores its versatility in various applications. The nickel alloy possesses low-temperature properties that provide excellent strength and toughness at subzero temperatures. Furthermore, nickel does not become brittle at low temperatures, unlike some other materials, and retains its ductility and malleability. This means that the wire remains pliable and can withstand stress and mechanical pressures even in cold environments, reducing the risk of it becoming brittle and breaking.

Additionally, nickel inherently has a high resistivity, meaning that it can efficiently generate heat when an electric current is applied, even in extremely cold conditions. This makes ni200 heating wire particularly useful for heating applications in low-temperature environments. Its resilience in both hot and cold conditions and its ability to provide stable, consistent heating in various environments underscore its utility across a range of applications, from industrial to scientific setups, where temperature stability and control are paramount. Consequently, ni200 heating wire is often utilized in applications that require reliable performance across a wide temperature spectrum, ensuring optimal functionality and durability.

Is Ni200 Heating Wire Suitable For Outdoor Heating Solutions?

Yes, ni200 heating wire can be suitable for outdoor heating solutions, given its noteworthy properties such as high corrosion resistance and stable performance across a variety of temperature ranges, including extreme cold conditions. The tempered 99.6% nickel composition gives it a robust resistance against oxidative and corrosive environments. This can be prevalent in outdoor settings, particularly in areas with high humidity or saline conditions. Ni200 wire maintains its electrical and mechanical properties effectively in various atmospheres, ensuring reliable and consistent heating when employed in outdoor applications like exterior heating pads, outdoor appliance heating elements, and anti-icing or de-icing systems for walkways, driveways, or pipes.

Its robustness in face of environmental variables makes it a viable choice for maintaining precise and reliable heating in outdoor scenarios. However, it’s pivotal to ensure that any installations adhere to relevant safety standards and guidelines, and that the wire is adequately insulated and protected, especially in settings where it may come into contact with water or be exposed to physical damage. Professional installation and regular maintenance checks are recommended to ensure safety and optimise the longevity and performance of ni200 heating wire in outdoor applications.



The Crazy Wire Company is a leading UK based supplier of nichrome, FeCrAl, and stainless steel wires. We specialise in rapid delivery to any location around the country. Our factory is located in Warrington, which is the historic home of the UK’s wire industry.

Check out our blog ‘What You Need To Know About: Stainless Steel Wires’   for more information on resistance wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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