SS316L Staircase Clapton 2 Ω- 5 Metre Spool (15ft)


The SS316L Staircase Clapton wire, available in a 5-metre spool (15ft), combines the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel 316L with the advanced performance of a Staircase Clapton coil. Ideal for applications requiring efficient heat distribution and precise temperature control, it offers a 2 Ω resistance, perfect for low-resistance setups. Its versatile nature suits various uses, from intricate crafting to electrical applications, making it a practical choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

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SS316L Staircase Clapton

The SS316L Staircase Clapton wire, offered in a convenient 5-metre spool length (approximately 15 feet), is an essential component for users requiring reliable and durable metal for crafting and electrical applications. SS316L, an abbreviation for stainless steel grade 316L, is known for its corrosion resistance, longevity, and strength, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of environments, especially those involving exposure to corrosive elements or high temperatures.

This product features a Staircase Clapton coil type, which combines the efficiency of Clapton coils with the added surface area of the staircase design. This structure enhances the heating and cooling properties of the wire, providing more consistent performance and improved durability. The unique configuration of the Staircase Clapton design is particularly beneficial in applications requiring precise temperature control and efficient heat distribution.

With a resistance of 2 ohms, the SS316L Staircase Clapton wire is well-suited for low-resistance setups, catering to specific electrical requirements and ensuring safe operation under varying conditions. The lower resistance is beneficial in applications where higher current flow is needed without the risk of overheating or damage to surrounding components.

The versatility of this wire extends to its use in crafting and intricate construction, where its malleability, strength, and aesthetic appeal are particularly advantageous. Its resistance to tarnish and wear also makes it a popular choice in jewelry making and design projects.

About This Coil Wire Product:

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Spool Length – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)
  • Metal – SS316L
  • Resistance – 2 Ω
  • Coil Type – Staircase Clapton

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FAQs About This Wire

What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Using SS316L Staircase Clapton Wire?

When using SS316L Staircase Clapton wire, it’s important to avoid a few common mistakes to ensure optimal performance and longevity:

  1. Exceeding Temperature Limits: Even though SS316L can withstand high temperatures, consistently exceeding its temperature threshold can degrade the wire more quickly.
  2. Improper Storage: Storing the wire in a humid or corrosive environment can affect its quality. Always store it in a dry, clean place to maintain its integrity.
  3. Incorrect Usage: SS316L Staircase Clapton wire is designed for specific electrical and crafting applications. Using it for purposes it’s not intended for can lead to inefficiency and potential safety hazards.
  4. Overstretching or Bending: Excessive stretching or bending the wire, especially at sharp angles, can damage its structure, affecting its performance and reliability.
  5. Inadequate Tools: Using tools that are not suited for delicate wire work can lead to kinks, breaks, or uneven cuts, affecting the wire’s functionality.
  6. Ignoring Resistance Specifications: Not adhering to the 2 Ω resistance specification can result in incompatible setups, leading to poor performance or damage to the wire and connected components.
  7. Lack of Regular Inspections: Regular checks for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage are essential, especially in environments where the wire is frequently used or exposed to harsh conditions.

Is SS316L Staircase Clapton Wire Compatible With All Types Of Connectors?

In general, SS316L Staircase Clapton wire is compatible with a wide range of connectors, especially those designed for fine and specialty wires. Ultimately, compatibility depends on the type and size of the connector. The connector should be able to securely hold the wire’s diameter and be suitable for the wire’s staircase design to maintain a stable and safe connection. Test fitting is recommended for specialised or non-standard connectors to verify compatibility, either through the connector’s specifications or by conducting a test fit.



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