Ni80 Taiji (28AWG x 32AWG Clapton Twist + 26 AWG) 6.40 Ω/m – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)


The Ni80 Taiji is a premium-quality wire, spooled at 5 metres (15 feet). It combines a 28AWG x 32AWG Clapton twist with a 26 AWG core, offering a resistance of 6.40 Ω/m. Made of Nickel 80, it boasts optimal performance, consistent current flow, and durability. Ideal for various electronic projects, its spool design ensures easy storage and use. Experience reliability and precision with the Ni80 Taiji.

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Ni80 Taiji

The Ni80 Taiji is a high-quality, meticulously engineered wire that comes in a 5-metre spool, equating to approximately 15 feet. Assuring optimal performance and durability for various applications, it combines a 28AWG x 32AWG Clapton twist with a 26 AWG core. Among its highlights is its resistance, which is rated at 6.40 /m, demonstrating its ability to maintain current flow in devices with high resistance. By incorporating Nickel 80 (Ni80) into its composition, it ensures a balance between malleability and strength. This makes it easier to work with, especially in configurations that require fine adjustments.

Over time, users will experience fewer replacements as a result of even heating characteristics, minimal ramp-up time, and long lasting functionality. In addition to its versatility, the wire can be used in a variety of electronic projects, crafts, and specialised applications. Storage, transport, and unwinding are all made convenient by the convenient spool design. There is less likelihood of tangling or waste due to this convenient design.

About The Product

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Spool Length – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)
  • Metal – Ni80 Nichrome NiCr80/20
  • Resistance – 6.40 Ω/m
  • Coil Type – Taiji (28AWG x 32AWG Clapton Twist + 26 AWG)

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What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer Ni80 wire. We also have a huge range of KA1 and stainless steel wire in immediate stock too.

Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

Are There Any Special Handling Instructions For Ni80 Taiji?

  1. Work in a Well-Lit Area: Always ensure you are working in a well-lit area to clearly see the wire and avoid potential mishaps.
  2. Wear Protective Equipment: While the Ni80 Taiji wire is not inherently harmful, wearing gloves can prevent potential cuts or scratches from the wire’s edges. Safety glasses are also recommended to protect eyes from any wire offcuts.
  3. Avoid Overstretching: When unwinding from the spool, ensure you don’t overstretch the wire, as this can alter its properties and resistance value.
  4. Use Appropriate Tools: When cutting or shaping the Ni80 Taiji wire, use tools specifically designed for the purpose, like wire cutters or pliers, to avoid damaging the wire or altering its characteristics.
  5. Store Properly: After usage, it’s advisable to wind any excess wire back onto the spool to prevent tangling and ensure the wire remains straight for future use.
  6. Keep Away from Children: Ensure that the wire is stored in a place out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion or injury.
  7. Avoid Direct Heat: Do not expose the wire to open flames or direct heat sources. Though it has a high resistance to heat due to its composition, direct exposure can alter its properties.
  8. Work in Ventilated Spaces: If you’re using the Ni80 Taiji wire in applications that involve heating, ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area to disperse any fumes or odors that might arise.

Can Ni80 Taiji Be Used For General Electronic Projects?

Yes, the Ni80 Taiji wire can be used for general electronic projects. This clapton wire has a 28AWG x 32AWG twist with a core of 26AWG, making it suitable for a variety of applications where consistent current flows are required. Nickel 80’s composition ensures a balanced blend of malleability and strength, making it easy to use in configurations requiring fine adjustments. It offers reliable and consistent performance for all your electronic applications, whether you are crafting, prototyping, or developing specialised products. To ensure optimal results, however, you must always make sure it meets your specific project requirements.


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