Ni80 Staircase Clapton 2.8 Ω- 5 Metre Spool (15ft)


The Ni80 staircase clapton wire is a blend of durability and efficiency, crafted from Ni80 Nichrome NiCr8020. Offering a resistance of 2.8 Ω, its unique staircase clapton design ensures uniform heat distribution, ideal for various electrical and heating tasks. With a 5-metre spool length, users benefit from its ample length and consistent performance, making it a top choice for both DIY and professional applications.

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Ni80 Staircase Clapton 2.8 Ω- 5 Metre Spool (15ft)

The Ni80 staircase clapton wire stands as a testament to innovation and functionality in the realm of wiring solutions. Crafted from Ni80 Nichrome NiCr8020, this wire offers a resistance of 2.8 Ω, making it apt for a myriad of electrical and heating tasks. The Ni80 material is renowned for its resilience and consistent performance, ensuring that the wire remains durable over time and use.

What truly distinguishes this product is its staircase clapton design. This intricate configuration, comprising multiple wire strands, grants it an enhanced surface area. This larger surface area is instrumental in providing uniform and efficient heat distribution, which is paramount in many applications. Whether one is involved in a DIY project or seeks it for professional tasks, the staircase clapton design promises optimum performance.

Packed in a 5-metre spool, which translates to 15 feet, it ensures users have a generous length at their disposal. This ample length negates the need for constant repurchase, making it an economical choice. The wire is meticulously wound, ensuring a kink-free experience and ease of use right from the outset.

About The Product

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Spool Length – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)
  • Metal – Ni80 Nichrome NiCr8020
  • Resistance – 2.8 Ω
  • Coil Type – Staircase Clapton

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What Else Is Available?

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FAQs About This Product:

What Resistance Does The Ni80 Staircase Clapton Wire Offer?

The Ni80 Staircase Clapton wire offers a resistance of 2.8 Ω. This resistance ensures consistent electrical and heating performance, making it suitable for various applications. The value of 2.8 Ω provides a balance of efficiency and energy consumption, allowing for stable performance across different tasks. Whether used for DIY projects or professional endeavors, this resistance ensures reliability and predictability in the product’s functionality.

Why Choose The Ni80 Staircase Clapton Over Other Wires?



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