Galvanised Tension Line Wiring | 1.25mm Thickness 500g Coil (50m)


The Galvanised Tension Line Wiring is a versatile and durable 1.25mm thick wire, available in a 500g coil with a length of 50 meters. Perfect for outdoor and humid environments, its zinc coating provides excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Ideal for agriculture, construction, and DIY projects, it combines strength and flexibility for a variety of applications.

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1.25mm Thick Galvanised Tension Line Wiring

Galvanised tension line wiring, with a 1.25mm thickness and supplied in a 500g coil stretching to 50 meters, is a highly adaptable and durable product suitable for various applications. As a result of the galvanisation process, which involves a zinc coating, it provides robust protection from corrosion and rust, making it ideal for outdoor or humid environments. With its balance of strength and flexibility, this product is used extensively in agriculture for sturdy fencing and trellising, and in construction for structural support and bracing. Besides DIY projects and garden decorations, it’s widely used for minor repairs and garden decoration. As a result of the wire’s flexibility and substantial length, it is convenient for storage and handling, making it an excellent choice for both commercial and residential purposes.

Key product details:

  • Wire Type –  Galvanised Steel
  • Wire Thickness – 1.25mm 
  • Coil Weight – 500g (0.5kg) 
  • Wire Length – 50 Metres 

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FAQs About This Wire

Can Galvanised Tension Line Wiring Be Used In Marine Environments?

Yes, Galvanised Tension Line Wiring can be used in marine environments. Through galvanisation, steel wires are coated in zinc, which provides a protective layer that significantly enhances their resistance to corrosion and rust. In marine settings, where saltwater and humidity are commonly present, this feature is particularly beneficial. Even though galvanised wire is more resistant to such conditions than non-galvanised alternatives, it may still experience some corrosion over time, especially in highly corrosive saltwater environments. In these environments, regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure longevity and performance.

Is Galvanised Tension Line Wiring Environmentally Friendly?

Galvanised tension line wiring is considered environmentally friendly in several aspects. The galvanisation process, which involves coating steel wire with zinc, helps extend the life of the wire by protecting it against corrosion and rust. This longevity means the product doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently, reducing waste and the need for additional manufacturing.

Additionally, steel, the core material of the wire, is highly recyclable. At the end of its lifecycle, the wire can be recycled to produce new steel products, minimising the need for new raw materials and reducing the environmental impact.

However, it’s important to note that like any industrial process, the production of galvanised tension line wiring does have some environmental impact, including energy use and emissions associated with manufacturing. But overall, its durability, recyclability, and the reduced need for frequent replacements contribute to its status as an environmentally considerate choice.

Can Galvanised Tension Line Wiring Be Recycled?

Yes, Galvanised Tension Line Wiring can be recycled. The core material of the wire is steel, which is one of the most recycled materials in the world. The galvanisation process, which involves coating the steel with zinc, does not hinder its recyclability. Both steel and zinc can be recovered and reused in the production of new steel and other products.

When recycling galvanised wire, it’s typically melted down in a steel mill, where the zinc coating vaporises at high temperatures. The zinc vapor is then collected and either reused or processed separately. This process ensures that the core steel material is recovered and can be remelted to produce new steel products, contributing to a more sustainable use of resources.

For recycling, it’s advisable to check with local recycling facilities or scrap metal dealers to understand their specific guidelines and capabilities regarding galvanised wire. This ensures that the wire is processed correctly and efficiently as part of the recycling stream.



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