24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton (24/38 AWG) 5.60 Ω/m – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)


The 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire, in a 5-metre spool, features a durable Nickel 60 alloy construction with a 24/38 AWG flat design for improved conductivity. It’s ideal for electronics and crafting, offering high-temperature resistance and efficient performance. Easy to use and store, it’s suitable for both professional and hobbyist applications.

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24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton (24/38 AWG) 5.60 Ω/m – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)

The 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire, with a specification of 24/38 AWG and a resistance of 5.60 Ω/m, is a high-quality product available in a 5-metre (approximately 15 feet) spool. Due to its durability and resistance to oxidation, Nickel 60 alloy is suitable for a variety of applications, including electronics, jewelry making, and craft projects. Creating a flat wire by wrapping a 38 AWG wire around a 24 AWG core increases its surface area, which increases electrical conductivity and heat distribution.

Suitable for projects requiring stable resistance and efficient heat management, this wire offers excellent performance. Durability and high temperature resistance extend lifespan and cost-effectiveness, ensuring reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. As a result of its spool packaging, the material is easy to handle and store, making it a practical choice for both hobbyists and professionals. Suitable for a variety of creative and technical applications, 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire stands out for its versatility, durability, and consistent performance.

About The Product

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Spool Length – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)
  • Metal – Ni60
  • Resistance – 5.60 Ω/m
  • Coil Type – 24 AWG / 38 AWG Flat Clapton

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What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer KA1 pre-made coil wire. We also have a huge range of ni80 and stainless steel ire in immediate stock too.

As well as this huge range of options, we also carry all coil wire as 5 metre spools too. This offers slightly better value, but you will have to cut it down yourself to suit your requirement.


FAQs About This Wire

How Does 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton Wire Respond To Mechanical Stress?

The 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire offers a good balance between flexibility and strength, making it resilient to mechanical stress. Its construction uses Nickel 60 alloy, which is known for its durability and its ability to maintain structural integrity under varying conditions.

Mechanical stress, such as bending or twisting, does not significantly degrade the wire’s shape or properties. A strong core combined with a flexible wrapping creates a structure that can withstand a reasonable amount of physical manipulation. However, it does have its limitations, just as any metal wire does. An excessive amount of force or repeated bending at the same point can lead to fatigue or eventually breakage.

Also, the flat design of the 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire contributes to its ability to withstand mechanical stress. When flat wires are used in applications that require regular movement or bending, they can distribute stress over a larger surface area, thereby reducing the risk of snapping or fracturing.

Can 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton Wire Be Used For Jewelry Making?

The 24 AWG Ni60 Flat Clapton wire is well-suited for jewelry making, thanks to its combination of durability, flexibility, and heat resistance provided by the Nickel 60 alloy. Its flat design not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal to jewelry pieces but also offers versatility in various jewelry-making techniques such as wire wrapping, weaving, and coiling. The wire’s ability to withstand mechanical stress and maintain its shape under heat treatments like soldering makes it a practical choice for intricate designs. However, working with this wire effectively requires specific tools and skills, particularly in cutting, shaping, and joining, to fully leverage its unique properties in crafting beautiful and durable jewelry.


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