21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton (21/38 AWG) 2.94 Ω/m – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)


The 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton wire, spooled at 5 meters, offers a resistance of 2.94 ohms per meter and is ideal for DIY electronics and heating elements. Comprising a 21 AWG core and a 38 AWG outer wrap, this Nichrome 80 alloy wire ensures quick heating and consistent performance. Conveniently packaged, it is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.

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21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton

The 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton wire, available in a 5-meter spool, is crafted from a Nichrome 80 alloy and presents a reliable resistive wire solution. Featuring a 21 AWG (0.72 mm) core, encapsulated in a 38 AWG (0.10 mm) outer wrap and with a resistance of 2.94 ohms per meter, this cable exhibits excellent electrical properties. It is well known for its ability to quickly heat up and for being durable, so it’s suitable for using in DIY electronics programs, heating elements, and other precision projects. In an effort to improve the level of heat distribution, the Clapton configuration ensures that the device is flat, which improves ease of use. A convenient package suitable for both hobbyists and professionals that require consistent performance beyond the novelty factor, it caters to both.

About The Product

The details of this product are as follows:

  • Spool Length – 5 Metre Spool (15ft)
  • Metal – Ni80 (Nichrome / NiCr 80/20)
  • Resistance – 2.94 Ω/m
  • Coil Type – 21 AWG / 38 AWG Flat Clapton

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What Else Is Available?

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Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

Is 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton Wire Resistant To Chemicals?

The 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton wire is composed of a Nichrome 80 alloy, which contains 80% nickel and 20% chromium. The alloy exhibits resistance to oxidation and corrosion, which can be caused by exposure to some chemicals and environments. Despite its chemical resistance, particularly when compared with other metals, it’s important to consider the specific chemicals and conditions involved. If you are using a material for a specialised application, you should consult the relevant material data sheets or seek expert advice to ensure compatibility.

Can 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton Be Used In Automotive Applications?

Yes, the 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton wire can be used in certain automotive applications. Its properties, such as high resistance to oxidation and consistent heating capabilities, make it suitable for instances where controlled heating or electrical resistance is required. It could be used in elements like sensors, small heaters, or other electronic components within a vehicle. However, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of the automotive application, such as temperature tolerance, vibration resistance, and compliance with automotive standards, to determine if the 21 AWG Ni80 Flat Clapton wire is the optimal choice.


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