0.4mm x 0.1mm Nichrome Ribbon Ni80 Resistance Wire


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Ni80 Resistance Wire

The 0.4mm x 0.1mm Nichrome Ribbon Ni80 resistance wire is a highly durable and versatile product, designed for various electrical and industrial applications. The Nickel-Chromium alloy boasts excellent resistance to high temperatures and oxidation, making it ideal for use in resistors, heating elements, and precision electronic components. The high electrical resistivity guarantees consistent performance, while its flexibility allows easy shaping and integration into complex configurations. The Ni80 wire’s corrosion resistance enhances its inherent longevity, especially in harsh environments, making it a cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications.

Key product details:

  • Diameter – 0.4mm x 0.1mm
  • Ohms/m – 27.37
  • Technical Specification:
  • Ni – Rest
  • Cr – 20.0 – 23.0
  • Fe – <1.0
  • Max Continuous Service Temp Of Element – 1200
  • Micrographic Structure – Austenite
  • Magnetic Properties – Nonmagnetic
  • Electrical resistance is high
  • Corrosion resistance is high

Why Use The Crazy Wire Company

  1. Quality of products: The Crazy Wire Company always  offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and customer expectations.
  2. Selection: We offer a wide variety of wire products and sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have more than 600 products available through our site and counting. 
  3. Price: We always offer the best value possible. Our wires are available as part of our major weaving processes, so it is bought at the best possible rate. 
  4. Availability: Our products are kept in house and are ready to ship immediately. 
  5. Customer service: Our experienced staff help our customers feel confident in their purchases and provide assistance when required. 

What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer Ni80 round wire. We also have a huge range of KA1 and stainless steel round wire in immediate stock too.

Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

Can Ni80 Wire Be Used In Household Appliances?

It is possible to use Ni80 wire in household appliances, especially those that require heating elements. Ni80 resistance wire is well-suited for small-scale heating applications because of its high electrical resistivity and ability to withstand high temperatures. There are a variety of appliances that use it, including toasters, hair dryers, and space heaters. As a result of its durability and resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures, it is an excellent material for the heating components of a wide variety of household appliances.

How Does Ni80 Wire Compare To Pure Nickel Wire?

  1. Electrical Resistivity: Ni80 wire has a higher electrical resistivity compared to pure nickel. This makes it more suitable for use in resistors and heating elements where controlled resistance is crucial.
  2. Heat Resistance: Ni80 wire can withstand higher temperatures without losing its structural integrity or electrical properties. This is due to the Chromium content, which enhances its heat resistance, making it ideal for applications involving high temperatures.
  3. Oxidation Resistance: While both materials resist oxidation, Ni80’s Nickel-Chromium composition offers superior oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures compared to pure nickel.
  4. Durability: Ni80 wire generally offers greater durability and longevity, especially in harsh environments, due to its alloy composition.
  5. Flexibility and Strength: Ni80 wire tends to be more flexible and stronger than pure nickel, which can be softer and more malleable. This makes Ni80 more suitable for applications where the wire needs to retain its shape under stress.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Pure nickel is typically more expensive than Ni80 wire, making Ni80 a more cost-effective choice for many applications without compromising on quality and performance.
  7. Applications: Due to these differences, Ni80 wire is often preferred in applications where high resistivity and temperature tolerance are required, such as in heating elements and resistors, whereas pure nickel might be chosen for its conductivity and purity in specific electrical and battery applications.


Check out our blog ‘Understanding The Properties Of Nichrome Ribbon Wire’ for more information on ni80 wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

We also offer similar products through our highly popular eBay store, check us out there too.

Contact our team today if you have any questions at all. We are always really keen to help in any way that we can. 

Additional information


10 Metres (33 Feet), 100 Metres (330 Feet), 25 Metres (82.5 Feet), 50 Metres (166.66 Feet)

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