0.2mm x 0.1mm Nichrome Ni80 Resistance Wire Ribbon


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Ni80 Resistance Wire Ribbon

The Ni80 resistance wire ribbon, measuring 0.2mm x 0.1mm, is made from a Nichrome alloy, offering high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Its precise heat resistance and conductivity make it ideal for applications requiring precise heat resistance and conductivity. Detailed hobbyist projects can be incorporated into its thin, flexible profile, which is ideal for scientific experiments, miniature heating devices, electronic equipment like resistors and potentiometers, and electronic projects in general. When it comes to devices where controlled heat and resistance are needed, the ribbon’s consistent resistance ensures reliability and precision. The Ni80 resistance wire ribbon is an important component in a wide range of industrial, scientific, and crafting applications because of its versatility and durability.

Key product details:

  • Diameter – 0.2mm x 0.1mm
  • Ohms/m –
  • Technical Specification:
  • Ni – Rest
  • Cr – 20.0 – 23.0
  • Fe – <1.0
  • Max Continuous Service Temp Of Element – 1200
  • Micrographic Structure – Austenite
  • Magnetic Properties – Nonmagnetic
  • Electrical resistance is high
  • Corrosion resistance is high

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What Else Is Available?

We do not only offer Ni80 round wire. We also have a huge range of KA1 and stainless steel round wire in immediate stock too.

Ribbon wire and flat wire are stocked for immediate dispatch too.


FAQs About This Wire

How Does Temperature Affect The Ni80 Resistance Wire Ribbon’s Performance?

It is noteworthy that temperature changes influence the performance of Ni80 resistance wire ribbons. As a Nichrome alloy, it maintains stable resistance over a wide temperature range, which is crucial for precision control in heat and electricity. Despite very high temperatures, this wire ribbon will perform effectively without significant degradation due to its exceptional heat tolerance. In addition, it has a relatively low thermal expansion, ensuring structural integrity and consistent performance in a variety of thermal conditions. High chromium content in the Ni80 wire makes it extremely resistant to oxidation, which is essential at elevated temperatures. Moreover, thanks to its thin, flat profile, this device facilitates efficient heat distribution, an essential feature for applications involving uniform heat transfer.

What Are The Safety Guidelines For Using Ni80 Resistance Wire Ribbon?

  1. Handling Precautions: Wear protective gloves when handling the wire ribbon to avoid cuts or abrasions, as the edges can be sharp.
  2. Heat Management: Be aware that the wire can become extremely hot during use. Ensure that your workspace is free from flammable materials and well-ventilated.
  3. Electrical Safety: Since the Ni80 wire is conductive, take precautions to prevent electrical short circuits or shocks. Always work with the power off until the installation is complete and checked.
  4. Proper Installation: Ensure that the wire ribbon is installed securely and correctly, following the guidelines for your specific application. Loose or improper connections can lead to overheating or electrical hazards.
  5. Use Appropriate Tools: When cutting or shaping the ribbon, use tools that are designed for working with fine, conductive materials to avoid damaging the wire or causing accidental shorts.
  6. Avoid Inhalation of Fumes: If soldering the Ni80 wire ribbon, do so in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling any fumes that may be produced.
  7. Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect the wire ribbon for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, particularly if used in high-temperature environments.
  8. Storage: Store the Ni80 wire ribbon in a dry, cool place to prevent corrosion or degradation of its properties.
  9. Disposal: Dispose of any off-cuts or waste material safely and in accordance with local environmental regulations.
  10. Educational Knowledge: Ensure you have a good understanding of the wire ribbon’s properties and the electrical principles involved in your project.


Check out our blog ‘Understanding The Properties Of Nichrome Ribbon Wire’ for more information on ni80 wire in general. Our goal for our blogs and help guides is to answer as many questions as possible to help to explain the possibilities of mesh to our customers. 

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