Navigating Our Delivery Options: The Crazy Wire Company’s Comprehensive Guide to UK Shipping

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Today, we’re excited to share with you the ins and outs of our UK delivery process. Understanding our shipping options ensures you get your wire needs met efficiently and securely.

Let’s get into it…

Standard UK Delivery: Royal Mail

So let’s begin with the default option. 

For orders below £25, we use the trusted Royal Mail, charging a nominal fee of £2.50. This option is perfect for smaller, less valuable orders, ensuring cost-effective and reliable delivery across the UK. This is a 1st class service that is not tracked. It is still extremely reliable however. 

This covers more than half of our orders.

This is an untracked service.

Crazy Wire UK Delivery Options

Free Delivery: Over £25

For UK bound orders over £25 the delivery charge is on us!!

Our goal is to make our high-quality wire accessible to all, without the worry of additional costs. And orders of this level will usually be tracked, so there is increased peace of mind too. 

As soon as you go past £25 in your basket the delivery charge will automatically be removed. Simple. 

Small Yet Valuable: Evri's Tracked Service

When it comes to valuable or weighty items that need extra attention, we trust Evri.

Offering a tracked service, Evri ensures peace of mind with their reliable and secure delivery, making sure your valuable items are well taken care of.

We use this service for all standard deliveries for our website, eBay and Amazon stores, so we know how reliable this service is. It represents the best value-for-money of any delivery option. 

This is a tracked service. 

The Big and Valuable: DX Express' Next Day Service

For very large or extremely valuable orders, we rely on DX Express.

This next-day service is designed for those critical, time-sensitive deliveries, ensuring your substantial orders are handled with the utmost care and urgency.

We use it for orders of all shapes and sizes. Often including the very heavy. 

This is a tracked service. 

Optional Courier Delivery: DX Express at Your Service

For the utmost in speed and reliability, our optional courier delivery service via DX Express is available for just £8.50, regardless of order size.

This is particularly advantageous for urgent needs or when you’re ordering high-value items like our exclusive range of exotic metal wires or bulk purchases.

While high-value orders automatically utilise this service for their security, the option is open to all our customers who require that extra assurance and expedited delivery.

Our Commitment to Delivery Excellence

At The Crazy Wire Company, we’re not just about selling wires; we’re about delivering satisfaction.

Each of our shipping options is carefully selected and tailored to meet a wide range of needs, from everyday purchases to urgent, high-value shipments. 

Our dedication to delivery excellence means we continuously evaluate and improve our logistics, ensuring that your experience is seamless and your orders arrive exactly when and how you expect them.

Our delivery speeds have been forged across not only our own site, but also through our Amazon store, where the standards are the highest possible. 

Customised Spool Creation

Custom spools are the first step in our unique process. Because of the vastness of our range, we do not mass produce in advance. Each order is made from larger bulk spools, ensuring freshness and specificity. With six advanced wire winding machines at our disposal, we can quickly and efficiently produce spools tailored to customer needs. We are able to maintain high levels of quality control and adaptability by offering both small, everyday purchases as well as large, specialised orders.

Quality Assurance and Packing

Quality is at the forefront of our operations. We rigorously check each spool we create to ensure it meets our high standards. Spools are only packed for delivery after passing these checks. Our attention to detail ensures that the products you receive are of the highest quality, ready for a variety of applications.

Efficient Logistics and Timely Dispatch

We have optimised our logistics to ensure timely delivery. Every order is ready for daily courier collection by 3 pm at our factory, which operates with precision. The streamlined process ensures that your orders are dispatched promptly, minimising wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Tailored Shipping Options

Recognising the varied needs of our customers, we offer a range of shipping options. By collaborating with trusted couriers like Royal Mail, Evri, and DX Express, we can offer everything from cost-effective standard delivery to tracked services for valuable orders, and even same-day shipping for those time-sensitive orders. In this way, we can cater to the specific needs and timelines of each customer, ensuring a delivery solution that meets your expectations.

Continuous Improvement and Customer Focus

We are dedicated to delivering excellence on a continuous basis. With every order, we evaluate and refine our logistics and production processes in order to exceed customer expectations. The Crazy Wire Company’s ongoing commitment to improvement extends beyond streamlining operations to improving your overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding Our Delivery Process

Q: What are your standard UK delivery charges? A: For orders below £25, we charge a nominal fee of £2.50 using Royal Mail.

Q: Do you offer free delivery? A: Yes, we offer free delivery on all UK orders over £25.

Q: How do you handle valuable or heavy items? A: For valuable or heavy items, we use Evri’s tracked service for added security.

Q: What if I need my order urgently? A: For urgent deliveries, we offer a next-day service through DX Express for an additional £8.50, regardless of order size.

Q: How can I track my order? A: Once your order is dispatched, you’ll receive a tracking number via email, allowing you to track your shipment online.

Q: What is your policy for high-value orders? A: High-value orders are typically sent through our DX Express service to ensure secure and swift delivery.

Q: Can I choose a specific delivery service for my order? A: Yes, during checkout, you can select from our available delivery options based on your needs and order value.

We hope this detailed guide provides a clear understanding of our delivery process.

Our objective is to offer a hassle-free shopping experience, from browsing our extensive wire selection to receiving your order. At The Crazy Wire Company, we’re constantly striving to enhance our services and appreciate your trust in us.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights, as we continue to evolve and serve you better.

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